Industry, Season 1

Network: HBO / BBC
Type: TV Series (8 Episodes)
Production Company: Bad Wolf
Director(s): Lena Dunham, Tinge Krishnan, Ed Lilly, Mary Nighy
Producer(s): Lee Thomas
Writers: Mickey Down, Konrad Kay
Executive Producer(s): Jane Tranter, Lachlan MacKinnon, David Davies, Mickey Down, Konrad Kay, Lena Dunham, Ed Lilly

Music Company: Theodore Music
Music Supervisor: Ollie White
Composer: Nathan Micay
Music Editor: Daniel Elms


Part-directed by Lena Dunham, Industry is a coming of age drama set in London which follows a group of graduates in their first few months of working in the high-pressure, intense and competitive world of international finance. The show charts their struggle to succeed as they compete for a permanent position.

Running parallel to this, is the groups’ equally fast-paced social life fuelled by London’s nightlife and over the course of eight episodes, we see how the grads struggle to find the balance.

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