The Rising

Network: SKY
Type: TV Series (8 Episodes)
Production Company: Sky Studios
Directors: Ed Lilly, Thora Hilmarsdottir, Carl Tibbetts, Paul Walker
Producers: Julian Stevens, Serena Thompson, Pete McTighe, Mark Hedges

Music Company: Theodore Music
Music Supervisor: Ollie White
Composer: Carly Paradis


THE RISING is a British coming of age, supernatural, crime drama which follows Neve, a 19 year old who mysteriously finds herself in another world / parallel universe / afterlife and learns that she was a victim of a murder. Through communicating with friends and family, they begin to uncover what happened as a string of other mysterious happenings start taking place in their home town.

The Rising is a story about love, justice, and the cost of pursuing the truth in a world that wants to keep it hidden.

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